SLA Services

ITS offer a price structure that fits into all our clients’ budget structures. Our prices varies from once off services to an all-inclusive package of service level agreements that includes the following:

Premium Maintenance agreement
Platinum Maintenance agreement
Customer Value agreements

Please contact us for more information on our SLA services and how we can assist you better.

Control your IT Budget
With a fixed monthly management fee you can accurately project your monthly expenditure. Managed SLA support gives you the power of a service IT Department at your disposal without unpredictable costs of ad hoc services.

Make informed IT decisions
We advise you on decisions for your company’s IT needs and future projects on how to take your work flow to best possible optimized environment by thoroughly assessing your company’s needs.

Performance & Productivity
With SLA Services you will have better up time across your infrastructure. Continuously addressing and monitoring possible issues before it turn into lost revenue and inefficient time loss. This service try and  prevent companies from experiencing downtime.

Managed IT Support services                                  This will include the benefit of our long-standing relationships with top retailers and manufactures of IT hardware & software, which equates to greater savings for your company.